What We Do?

At iGovSolutions, we see clients as our business partners, and we clearly understand that as you grow, so do we. Every single step we take from product development to system maintenance, we keep the clients at the central focus.

iGovSolutions is a company specializing in Regulatory Licensing products, services, and mobile applications. We have extensive experience with multiple regulatory stage agencies throughout the country.

At iGovSolutions, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. We believe in being flexible and working together to solve your business needs, even if that means working longer and harder than expected to complete a project. We have a commitment to building long term relationships with our clients and we never forget that our success is measured by the utmost satisfaction we provide to our clients.

We also believe in treating our employees with respect because we understand that a company's employees are its most valuable asset and without their respect and commitment, a company will not gain the respect of their clients and cannot be truly successful.

iGovSolutions is using latest Microsoft technologies in developing software solutions that's gives our customers edge over their competitors to succeed in the market place.

Our Microsoft competencies are as follows:

> Custom Development Solutions
> Data Management Solutions
> Business Process and Integration Solutions
> Mobile Applications
> Reporting Tool
> Print Tool.

Why? iGovSolutions

iGovSolutions is a one-stop shop for all your regulatory licensing needs, with products ranging from in-house Licensing Product to consumer applications used by applicants, licensees, and the public. Our flexible and affordable models allow Boards of all sizes to get great products at affordable prices. By selecting iGovSolutions, you not only get a great Licensing Product but also a business partner for life.

The difference iGovSolutions brings to the table is a rare combination of proven processes and practices along with talented employees. iGovSolutions team is comprised of people who are in the game with the experience and not for the experience. Right from the company’s President to the Graphic Designer, every person on this team has experience in the Government sector. This experience will obviously result in a cost-effective and timely solution for you, as it has for many of our clients already.